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Christians are Idiots

Ok, not all of them.  The American ones.  Well, not all of them I suppose, but a whooooole lot of them.  But if I got your attention or got you angry, read on.

This has been building in me for a long time.  We Christians have our causes, but most of them are not even remotely related to Christ.  I’m not saying they’re bad, mind you – but I am saying they are somewhat meaningless. And I wonder if our passion for the gospel matches our passion for our causes.

Many Christians get all fired up over immigration.  “If those people want to live here, they should learn to speak english!”  I wonder if you know your bible they way that you expect them to know your language?

We love to rail against the users in society.  “If I need a drug test to get a job, then people should have to pass one to get welfare.”  Do you put the same performance tests on chronic users in the church?  Are you a consumer?

I’m not saying that these sentiments are necessarily bad.  I’m just wondering if we are consistent.

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Why did Jesus have to die?… and what liberal and some emerging theologians and Muslims have in common

A couple abbreviated quotes from J.D. Greear’s blog post:

“In recent years … the theory of the atonement … has fallen out of favor with more sophisticated theologians (read: liberal and some ’emerging’; also on popular books like The Shack).”

“To believe that Jesus died to pay a debt to God’s justice, they say, makes God sound barbaric and guilty of cosmic child abuse. Ironically, this is exactly what Muslims say.”

Greear points out yet another example of why it is important to read the bible for yourself, so we don’t fall for the popular ear-ticklers of today.

Read his entire blog post here.