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What would you do with a eunuch?

One day a court official who worked for the queen of Ethiopia (and who happened to be a eunuch) was on the road headed toward Gaza. The apostle Philip had been sent there to chat with him. When Philip got close, he heard the eunuch reading from the bible. Philip asked him a simple question:

Do you understand what you are reading?

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God’s Plan for My Life

How do you figure out God’s plan for your life? Does he have one? Can you know it? I’ve had many thoughts and conversations on this topic. Let me start here: I believe that God has created us with the capacity to think for a reason. I also believe that he gave us all the tools we need to direct our thinking properly. In no way does this negate prayer. Paul said in 1 Thess 5:17 to pray continually. This is a given. But prayer does not abdicate our responsibility to act.

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What’s the Point?

Gotta love Driscoll.  No beating around the bush here.

What is church all about?

What is life all about?


Are You a Man?

Are you a man?  Then watch this – if you dare.

When it’s done, ask yourself again: Am I a man?

If so – what are you going to do about it?


Absolutely love this clip.  Tim Keller is one of my favorites.  Watch it twenty or thirty times until it sinks in.

(Taken from Tim Keller’s 2007 address at the Gospel Coalition.)

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