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Momentary Light Afflictions

Have you ever seriously thought about what comes after life? For Christians it will be in heaven, but how long will that be? I’m not sure if we will experience time the way we do now, but imagine if we did. What is the best we can do to envision infinity or eternity? We’re not capable of grasping such concepts. I think the best we can do is comparisons. I think that’s why the bible uses them. Peter compared our experience of a day and 1000 years as interchangeable with God. That’s quite a difference.

Compared to eternity, how long is our life? It’s like a thimbleful of water missing from the ocean. Significant in relation to the container, but less impressive when compared to the ocean. Our lifespan is likened to a breath or a vapor. It is fleeting. As I grow older, each season seems to pass faster. I can’t imagine how they will seem from the perspective of 70 years, let alone 1000.

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The Beauty and Brokenness of Life

This is a guest post by my good friend, Anthony Weber.

From the Christian perspective, life is beautiful because it was created loaded with shalom, a Hebrew word that encapsulates peace with God/others/self/nature.  In a good world, there is no angst, no conflict, no God-shaped hole.   There is no loneliness.  There is no sense that “I’m not okay”.  There is no using of the planet in a destructive way.  There is no occurrence in which destructiveness wins.

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