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Halloween – The Great Omission?


If you’re looking for another Halloween-hating post, you should probably stop reading.

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Fat Geese Stuck in a Fishtank

Just over a week ago, I started posting my notes from some talks of Alan Hirsch’s we attended. Today, I continue recounting these with notes from Thursday evening, which was the culmination of Forge Chicago’s week-long training. (If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend you check them out.

  • [When it comes to church], the adventure has gone out of the venture
  • Communitas [def]: The type of community formed in adversity.
    That ‘adversity’ can also include short-term missions, sports teams, etc.)
  • Communitas – a form of solidarity- forms after wins or losses as long as the team comes together.
  • During storms and events like 9/11, communities turn into communitas by a shared experience – often hardship.
  • Communitas is a new way of relating. People who were friends or associates become comrades. This is an entirely new dynamic.
  • When communitas is established, people will have a lot of “remember when…” stories, because their relationship was borne of, or developed in adversity.

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What Would Jesus Do?

I’ll tell you what he would do. A lot of the things Narayanan Krishnan is doing. If this video doesn’t wreck you, I don’t know what will.

We have too much stuff. We waste so much time with nonsense.

Narayanan violates his own faith to love people. Loving people is central to our faith, but we don’t do it.

I think I’ll rewatch this video every time I think I need something I don’t have, or that I am doing a pretty good job at being a Christian.

More Hirschy Goodness

I just got an email from Kristin Ruther, who invited us to meet Alan Hirsch last month. Her email was a final recap of the lunch event that her company “Aspen Group” hosted. Not only was the timing uncanny since I had just begun to recap the event, but her summary was also excellent! With her permission, I have included her synopsis below:

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Hirsch on Church

I was recently able to meet Alan Hirsch and listen to him speak at a couple events. I’ve finally made the time to sit down and record some of his points. Recording all the thoughts I have will take several posts. For this introductory post, I’m focusing on the portion of Alan’s talk pertaining to the Christian church’s recent history, its prognosis, and what is required to get back on track.

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