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Momentary Light Afflictions

Have you ever seriously thought about what comes after life? For Christians it will be in heaven, but how long will that be? I’m not sure if we will experience time the way we do now, but imagine if we did. What is the best we can do to envision infinity or eternity? We’re not capable of grasping such concepts. I think the best we can do is comparisons. I think that’s why the bible uses them. Peter compared our experience of a day and 1000 years as interchangeable with God. That’s quite a difference.

Compared to eternity, how long is our life? It’s like a thimbleful of water missing from the ocean. Significant in relation to the container, but less impressive when compared to the ocean. Our lifespan is likened to a breath or a vapor. It is fleeting. As I grow older, each season seems to pass faster. I can’t imagine how they will seem from the perspective of 70 years, let alone 1000.

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Fat Geese Stuck in a Fishtank

Just over a week ago, I started posting my notes from some talks of Alan Hirsch’s we attended. Today, I continue recounting these with notes from Thursday evening, which was the culmination of Forge Chicago’s week-long training. (If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend you check them out.

  • [When it comes to church], the adventure has gone out of the venture
  • Communitas [def]: The type of community formed in adversity.
    That ‘adversity’ can also include short-term missions, sports teams, etc.)
  • Communitas – a form of solidarity- forms after wins or losses as long as the team comes together.
  • During storms and events like 9/11, communities turn into communitas by a shared experience – often hardship.
  • Communitas is a new way of relating. People who were friends or associates become comrades. This is an entirely new dynamic.
  • When communitas is established, people will have a lot of “remember when…” stories, because their relationship was borne of, or developed in adversity.

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Finding Peace

Have you ever wondered if there can be peace in life?  If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably spent more time being busy, anxious, troubled or confused than you’d like to admit.  Why is that?  We long for peace, we search for it, but it seems unattainable.  That’s because in a way, it is.

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Stop Thinking About Eternal Life

When I hear people talk about eternal life, it puzzles me.  They talk with a far-off look in their eye.  The same kind of longing that Lions fans used to have.  They act all nostalgic.  “Just you wait.  It’s gonna be super!”  What a bunch of maroons!

Jesus came that we might have life, but that wasn’t a distant promise.  Eternal life doesn’t start when your soul leaves earth, it starts when you leave the world behind. Jesus didn’t say “you will begin eternal life when you die” – he said “he who believes has everlasting life” (Jn 6:47)  When Jesus talked about us giving up our life so that we might gain eternal life, he wasn’t talking about us physically dying.  That would have lead to Jonestown-like massacres everywhere Jesus went.  The ending of life he talked about involved forgetting what lies behind (Phil 3:13) and becoming a new creation (2 Cor 5:17)

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Living Among the Rich

If you make $25,000 per year (about $12.50/hr) you are in one of the top 10% richest people in the world!
If you make $35,000 per year, that puts in in the top 5%.
If you make $45,000 per year, you are in top 1.72% richest people in the world!

Check your exact income here:  http://www.globalrichlist.com/

Considering that most households have more than one income earner, it’s no wonder that the rest of the world think that American’s are (1) incredibly wealthy, and (2) whiners.  And they are right on both counts.

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