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Hirsch on Church

I was recently able to meet Alan Hirsch and listen to him speak at a couple events. I’ve finally made the time to sit down and record some of his points. Recording all the thoughts I have will take several posts. For this introductory post, I’m focusing on the portion of Alan’s talk pertaining to the Christian church’s recent history, its prognosis, and what is required to get back on track.

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Do You Speak Fritalian?

Ever seen a bad translation like this one? How many of us force people in our churches to do the same for themselves? When we speak Christianese, or jargon only understood by those ‘on the inside’, we are excluding others and making ourselves look foolish. Why say, “My spirit overwhelmed my flesh with the revelation that I should speak a blessing on you“, when you could say “Good morning!

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Francis is so weird. But that’s normal.

“I want my life to fit in this book one day.” – Francis Chan

Just to expound on one of his points in this clip, what do we do that is weird?  Is it worth it?  What would it look like if it were in the bible?

  • Then the church in Thessalonica, which Paul had founded, split because Apollos was a much better speaker.
  • And the church west of Ephesus died because of their worship style.
  • 3000 people were saved on that day, but they never met again because the church service was for too early.

How embarrassing would that be?  It’s a good thing that today’s church won’t be recorded in the bible.  But then again, it will be recorded.  So what will those that come after think of us?  Just a thought to bother you on your day off.  You’re welcome.  🙂

What’s the Point?

Gotta love Driscoll.  No beating around the bush here.

What is church all about?

What is life all about?


You’re Doing It Wrong

Big question for you today:

If you were to skip church this Sunday, would anyone miss you?

I don’t mean would your friends notice, although it is good to be connected!  What I mean is this:  What vital church functions would go undone?  What programs would suffer?  What needs would go unmet?

If the answer is none, then you are doing it wrong.

Let it sink in.  Feel free to feel convicted.  If the shoe fits…

Am I condemning you?  No.  Well, maybe.  Let me ask this:  Why do you go to church?  What is the point?  (If this sounds familiar, I might have mentioned it before.)  Are you going to be fed?  To learn?  To see friends?  To hear the band?  None of these are bad things.  (To be honest, the majority of our idols aren’t even bad things.  They are good things done wrong.)  But if Sunday morning is all about you, or all about you feeling God, then you’re doing it wrong.

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