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Love the Chicken, Hate the Sin

I recently shared this article by Barnabas Piper that criticizes today’s “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day”.

I got a mixed response to the article and was asked what I thought. I’m not sure whether my thoughts add anything, as I largely agree with Piper, but here they are anyway…
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Halloween – The Great Omission?


If you’re looking for another Halloween-hating post, you should probably stop reading.

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Do all roads (and flights) lead to God?

On a weekend when the world remembers the 9/11 that made that date infamous, many questions remain unanswered.

My concern is that there are answers that remain unquestioned.


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Won’t You Be A Neighbor?


Ben Stevens has a fantastic post on The Gospel Coalition’s blog today. (I love The Gospel Coalition. If you’re not familiar with them, check them out.)

Here are some highlights I pulled out, but you should definitely read the full post yourself:

  • It is not difficult to get to know your neighbors—it is simply not something most of us value.
  • Our homes and apartment buildings give us plenty of space in which to hide.
  • You cannot love your neighbor if you do not know that neighbor.
  • Christians ought to take this on as a project.

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A Mindless Faith

It seems that people are thinking less and less. I see it in my kids’ classes, I see it in politics and popular media, and worst of all I see it in the church. Few people care what what the bible says. Even fewer know what the bible actually means. The bible has become a grab bag of quotes that we use like fortunes from cookies to build our own theology. From the same book, we see people build prosperity theology and poverty theology. From the same book, people argue for and against alcohol. Opponents and proponents of slavery referred to the same book. What the bible says actually can be known, but it takes more than reading t-shirts and bumper stickers to understand it. Are you willing to invest the time?
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