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The Blessing of Hard Times

Have you ever considered that your personal calamity might be God’s way of blessing you?

When someone’s business is doing well, or when they come into money, I often hear that “God is really blessing me now!”  Is money a blessing?  Is your job a blessing?  I can certainly understand the sentiment, and it may well be true, but I am cautious to agree with it too quickly.

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Miserly Christianity

I’ll be honest: I hate the concept of tipping.

It has always seemed dishonest to me that prices in the menu don’t reflect your out-the-door price. Not to mention that restaurant owners are essentially passing the buck of paying their employees a fair wage on to me. I don’t mind tipping good service, but these principles always bugged me.

Yet for the past year or so, I’ve had a change of attitude. Not a change of opinion mind you – I still think it’s a goofy practice. But my wife and I have consciously changed our habits when we eat out. This came from a lot of discussion about a few points.

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