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What would you do with a eunuch?

One day a court official who worked for the queen of Ethiopia (and who happened to be a eunuch) was on the road headed toward Gaza. The apostle Philip had been sent there to chat with him. When Philip got close, he heard the eunuch reading from the bible. Philip asked him a simple question:

Do you understand what you are reading?

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Yeah, right.


Above, you see the beautiful window of York Minster; a style typical of many Christian churches. This particular window is over 500 years old. Who can deny the talent of the craftsman who created this work of art, especially with the tools available in his time! Continue Reading…

Did Jesus Exist? Let’s ask a prominent atheist.

This is hilarious!

Check out this interview where an agnostic known as “The Infidel Guy” interviews well-known atheist Bart Ehrman. Mr. Infidel Guy thinks he has found a buddy who agrees that Jesus was a myth and that Paul’s epistles were intentional fabrications. Listen as Ehrman spanks him and points out how truly ridiculous his claims are. Priceless!



Thanks to my buddy Stephen Bedard for turning me on to this clip. (You should check out his blog here.)

Question: If atheist historians believe in Jesus’ existence, why would we hold back from admitting the same?

Attention Apologetics Nerds!!

You like apologetics? Me too. This is a big (early) weekend.

The big ticket is the 2011 Online Apologetics Conference. It starts at noon CST, Thursday April 7, and runs through Saturday evening. You can buy a pass to the whole weekend, or for a single day. It will also be recorded, so you don’t necessarily have to be online to watch it live.




Big deal number 2. Tonight, William Lane Craig debates Sam Harris on the topic, “Is Good from God?” It will be streamed live from 7-9pm EST at Notre Dame Television’s website. (If you compare schedules, you’ll see that not all of this can be viewed live.) Last week, I watched William Lane Craig debate Lawrence Krauss on whether there was evidence for God. There seemed to be a bit of confusion on the topic, and Dr. Krauss did not fare well, but it was well worth watching. If you missed it, audio and video of the event are available from Apologetics315.


If you’re “attending” either of these, post a comment to let me know. Feel free to post your thoughts from any of the events as well.

Making People Listen

Today’s generation is not that interested in your message. Well, maybe they are, but they have zero interest in having you shove it down their throats. There are so many competing voices, people have become very adept at tuning out the messages they don’t feel are relevant to them. You have to build a platform before you can have any impact. Continue Reading…

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