What Would Jesus Do?

I’ll tell you what he would do. A lot of the things Narayanan Krishnan is doing. If this video doesn’t wreck you, I don’t know what will.

We have too much stuff. We waste so much time with nonsense.

Narayanan violates his own faith to love people. Loving people is central to our faith, but we don’t do it.

I think I’ll rewatch this video every time I think I need something I don’t have, or that I am doing a pretty good job at being a Christian.

Standard Theme is the Bomb

I don’t know for sure what that phrase means, but I believe it has positive connotations. 🙂

This post is an aside for all my blogger friends (and aspiring bloggers as well).

When it comes to blogging well, here’s my advice:

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More Hirschy Goodness

I just got an email from Kristin Ruther, who invited us to meet Alan Hirsch last month. Her email was a final recap of the lunch event that her company “Aspen Group” hosted. Not only was the timing uncanny since I had just begun to recap the event, but her summary was also excellent! With her permission, I have included her synopsis below:

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Hirsch on Church

I was recently able to meet Alan Hirsch and listen to him speak at a couple events. I’ve finally made the time to sit down and record some of his points. Recording all the thoughts I have will take several posts. For this introductory post, I’m focusing on the portion of Alan’s talk pertaining to the Christian church’s recent history, its prognosis, and what is required to get back on track.

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The End of Christianity in America?

If you want to keep an enterprise of any sort alive, you have to keep selling it. You must never assume that people understand why you exist, what you believe, or where you’re going. Every day is a new opportunity to present your vision – and you must do it in a way that makes sense to your audience.

D.A. Carson has said it something like this:  One generation believes in something. The next generation assumes it. The third generation forgets it, and the fourth generation denies it. I think he’s on to something. Culture varies from place to place. Some are ahead of, or behind the curve. Overall though, I think America is roughly in the same place with Christianity.

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