What are you building?

Yikes – two posts in a row springboarding off of LOST…  If I were cool, I would have blogged all along.   But my observations come after the show goes off the air.   On the cutting edge, I am!

Tonight I stumbled across a note I wrote while watching Season 2, Episode 19, titled “S.O.S.” This one had some great themes, but the part I loved was a comment Bernard made to Mr. Eko.

First, some background:
Bernard wanted off the island.  He was sick of it and wanted to go home, but all around him he saw people who had come to grips with the fact that this was likely their home now.  The prior season had seen two failed attempts to escape via homemade rafts.  Bernard vowed this would not be the end.  There had to be another way to be saved.  He proposed they make a giant “S.O.S.” in the sand so it could be seen by a passing plane.  When he couldn’t enlist enough help to construct the sign, out of frustration he made the comment, Everyone on this island is building something instead of trying to get rescued.

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LOST Opportunities?

This week, articles about the TV series ‘LOST‘ abound – especially those either praising or decrying the series finale Sunday night.  Yesterday I read an interesting post that contrasted the church to the series.  In it, author Sam DuRegger deals with the question:  why can’t we tell the story of the gospel like J.J. Abrams does with LOST? That’s a very good question.  He contends that budget and other issues aside, “The story of the gospel is just as multi-layered as LOST, with multiple characters, books, prophets and cultures which all combine to tell one whopper of a story!”  He’s right!  His post (which I recommend you read) goes on to ask some questions and propose some solutions.

His post touched on something that has been rolling around in my head since the finale Sunday night:

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Miserly Christianity

I’ll be honest: I hate the concept of tipping.

It has always seemed dishonest to me that prices in the menu don’t reflect your out-the-door price. Not to mention that restaurant owners are essentially passing the buck of paying their employees a fair wage on to me. I don’t mind tipping good service, but these principles always bugged me.

Yet for the past year or so, I’ve had a change of attitude. Not a change of opinion mind you – I still think it’s a goofy practice. But my wife and I have consciously changed our habits when we eat out. This came from a lot of discussion about a few points.

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Brain Damage

I’ve been noticing how many of Jesus’ comments to religious leaders began, so I started searching to see if there was a pattern. Sure enough, it happens a lot!

Here are just the first few I found:

Matthew 9:4 – “Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said…”

Matthew 12:25 – “And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them…”

Matthew 16:8 – “Aware of their discussion, Jesus asked…”

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5 ways to look at scripture, more or less

Great post by Scott Thomas of the Acts 29 Network !!

Go read them here (2 posts):  Part OnePart Two

Scott outlines the 5 ways we can read the bible.  Sola Ecclesia is the one that probably gets the most attention (by teaching – not so much by name) simply because of the prevalence of Catholicism.

But in my experience, the ones that bug me the most are as follows:

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