The Bondage of Choice

I was in the corner gas station yesterday and just had to snap this picture. Holy smokes! Do we really need this much selection?

In America we have so many enumerated freedoms that we have begun to infer freedoms. Notably, freedom of choice. Sure we have such opportunity in the USA, but is that really freedom?

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Scott’s Starred Posts

Thought I’d share some of the blog posts by others that I’ve starred while reading on my Kindle in the past week.  Maybe you’ll find something here as interesting as I thought it was.

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Leadership – by Andy Stanley

I listened to the latest podcast by Andy Stanley yesterday, from the “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” (available here).  Andy has some super lessons for leaders and aspiring leaders, whether in the church or business world.

I wrote down a few thoughts that caught my attention.

“To be a great leader, we have to be great at everything”

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Cowardly Christianity

For some odd reason, I have run across several Joel Osteen references in the last couple of days. I have no idea what I have done to deserve such torment, so I must share them with you.

Exhibit #1: “God lets atheists into heaven”

Joel – if you know the only way to God is through Jesus, yet tell no one, you are complicit in condemning all of them to eternal separation from God! Stop hiding behind “God will judge the heart”. No one is asking you to do that. Just read the bible.

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The Problem with Mold

The problem with mold is that is can consume you.
A room closed off from light, left to itself in the damp and dank, has no hope.
Especially if the room is unvisited.  It will be consumed.
The mold will overtake the room until there is no surface left uncovered.
It can be cleaned, sure.  There are even specialists for this nasty chore.

Removing mold takes a lot of work.
Much of your room will be destroyed.
You see, mold is not a surface problem.  Left alone, it becomes a structural problem.
The room must be nearly destroyed and then rebuilt.
But will it be?

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