Finding Peace

Have you ever wondered if there can be peace in life?  If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably spent more time being busy, anxious, troubled or confused than you’d like to admit.  Why is that?  We long for peace, we search for it, but it seems unattainable.  That’s because in a way, it is.

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Learning the Language

(This post is part of an occasional series on apologetics, doctrine, and why it all matters.)

Perhaps we get intimidated by big words.  Perhaps we are embarrassed to ask definitions of words we don’t understand.  Or maybe we do know, but we feel the words don’t have application today.  If you’re in the last category, I’ll deal with that a few posts down the road.  Today is all about explaining the terms.

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A Question of Authority

(This is the beginning of an occasional series on apologetics, doctrine, and why it all matters.)

If you are a generally healthy person, and a nutritional supplement salesman stopped by your house to peddle their wares, would you be interested?

Do you get regular oil changes on your car?

If, while getting auto service, you are told another unplanned service is required, would you believe them?

There are a lot of people standing in line to liberate me from my money.  Should I just give it to them?  How do I decide what people, products, services or causes are worthy of my money and time?  See – I’m not that easily impressed.  It used to be a big deal for someone to have a business card and a tri-fold brochure.  That doesn’t seem so impressive anymore –  I get them from Vistaprint all the time.  I also place little value in the testimonials of people who “loved the product so much they became a client”.  Well, of course you did – you’re getting paid!

I’m a skeptic.  I don’t make major decisions on someone else’s say-so, or because of the documentation they have that supports their position.  It’s too easy to fake.  So why should I think that my Christianity is so compelling?

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What’s the purpose of prayer?

Can God answer our prayers?  Absolutely.

Does he want to hear from us?  No question.

Should we tell him what is on our mind and what we need?  Sure.

But what is the purpose of prayer?  Is it our appointed time to give God our list of grievances, or should it be something more?

We can learn all sorts of things about God, but prayer is our primary avenue to actually know God.  In prayer, we have the opportunity to meet with the creator of the universe.

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What is a Christian?

I started a discussion this Spring over a quiz and later a book by Scot McKnight exploring hermeneutics, which is simply to say – how we interpret scripture.

I have remained very interested in this topic, and it has influenced other subsequent posts.

We (my wife and I) are just beginning our second term teaching Sunday School to 6th-9th graders.  We have been increasingly pushing toward a study and presentation of “What exactly is a Christian?”  After all, if you don’t know what separates you from other faiths, does your faith really mean anything?

The preceding is all just background for this:  I am trying to get a better idea what a Christian is today.  Or, more accurately, what today’s Christian believes about his/her own faith.  To that end, I have created a bit of a quiz.  It is entirely anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself.  I would highly appreciate it if any of you who identify yourself as a Christian would take it!  It should only take a minute or two.  It is not scored, and it is definitely not on the same level as McKnight’s.  Nonetheless, I believe it will be very helpful in helping me understand today’s church.


Click here to give me your opinions!!

(After taking it, feel free to use this post to discuss any questions if you like.)

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