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Book Review – Already Compromised

In Already Compromised, Ken Ham sets out to show that Christian colleges are not Christian at all. His contention is that they have been compromised by worldly views and do not hold what he believes are the right views. My Kindle tells me I made it to about 15%. That is when I couldn’t stomach this book any longer. Listen – I’ve got  no beef with the young-earthers. Heck, I used to be one. But can’t  we all get along? If you read this book, be forewarned that if you do not share Ham’s views on the opening chapters of Genesis, he barely considers you a Christian.

My opinions of the nuances of creation have changed over the years. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m probably not right, simply because when I held other views I thought I was right. Now that I’ve read a number of different positions, I’m not so sure. I’ll say this much: In the beginning God created. Ex nihilo. He did it all. There is no doubt about this. But how and when – those questions are far from settled, and to me it is nothing short of hubris to claim infallibility on the matter. Don’t get me wrong – this is a great topic to discuss, and you should be familiar with the views – but if this is a hill you’re willing to die on, I think you need to be a bit more selective.

Just a couple of illustrations of what I found difficult to read:

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Book Review – Jolt!

Looking to make a change in your life, but not sure how? This is the book for you. Phil Cooke explains not only the positive case for making change, but also deals with the most common objections and obstacles.

I particularly appreciated his insights into changing organizations (businesses, churches, non-profits, etc) by starting with personal changes.  “You don’t change organizations without changing people”, he says. This may involve a change of personnel, or simply changes of thinking within the personnel you already have.

“It’s not our environments, the people around us, or the conditions of our lives that determine our futures; it’s the personal choices we make or don’t make.” So… why aren’t you making those choices??!! Cooke rejects these common scapegoats and points out that the problem that stalls us out is usually ourselves. But he doesn’t leave us there. He examines the typical reasons we choose badly, and suggests alternate ways of thinking and acting.

Executives are paid top dollar for one reason and one reason alone – their decision making ability. Cooke explains the process of moving from stagnancy to proactive decision making in a way that is accessible to everyone. This process is as valuable to each of us as it is to the top execs, so why shouldn’t we learn it too!

Whether the current situation you are trying to move past is relational, financial, professional, or spiritual, Jolt! will help you find the motivation to get off your duff!

Question: What change would you like to make in your life?

New Addition: Book Reviews

I love to read.

And I’ve been reading more than ever since I got my Kindle.

In addition, I’ve been approached by a few different sources asking me to review their books. As a result, I’ve decided to start posting my thoughts here, along with my other posts. These books are on a variety of topics and from a variety of sources. Some are even centuries old. What they all have in common however is some aspect of Christianity and its relevance to culture.

If you’re interested in finding all book reviews, I’ll use a blog category to make them easier to find.

If you have any books to suggest, let me know!

Question: What is the best book you have read that fits this theme?