Yeah, right.


Above, you see the beautiful window of York Minster; a style typical of many Christian churches. This particular window is over 500 years old. Who can deny the talent of the craftsman who created this work of art, especially with the tools available in his time!


In this image, we see a very similar and equally beautiful design. This is a graphical representation of a DNA double helix, viewed on end. Naturally, though this image is more complex, it is the product of chance. DNA just happened to form this way, because beauty and vast amounts of information are known to occur randomly everywhere.

Ok, I can’t do it any more. Really?! We are to believe that one work of art and technology required an artist and the other didn’t? And we are to believe the more complex and more ancient one is the the one that happened by chance? Why, pray tell, do we have any awe or appreciation of art then? It’s no more impressive than the chaos we allegedly live in.

No one can look at this kind of beauty and improbability and not see the fingerprints of a designer.

There is a God. Is he as evident in our lives (including our calendar, checkbook and internet history) as he is in nature?

(Images from Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute, former agnostic, now Christian because of the evidence. Read more here)

Question: What do you think?