Experiencing the Symphony

How ought we to read the Bible?

In this video, N.T. Wright reflects on the way we read the Bible.

Some great highlights:

  • The best way to read the Bible:  frequently and thoroughly
  • We don’t experience symphonies in 10-bar chunks. Why ought we think the Bible can be properly experienced in bite-sized pieces?
  • The closer we get to a small window, the greater the panorama we are able to see. We should approach the Bible in the same way so that we see the whole sweep of scripture.
  • We easily get engrossed in a novel or a movie for hours at a time. Why then have so few experienced a book of the Bible in one sitting?
  • Have you ever wrestled with an entire book, or do you just pull out verses that appeal to you?


There is a lot more good advice in this short piece.

Question: What stood out to you?
  • Right now I’m working on Matthew 6,7,8.  I’m not good enough to go completely big picture yet.  And I’ve been around this a LONG time.

  • Patrick

    Scott, this is a great video. I found it very insightful and helpful. I am not familiar with N.T. Wright but will look up more on him. I particularly liked the comparison of reading the Bible to looking through a window, moving and and moving out to view it from different depths and perspectives. The Bible is not easy to read, or perhaps I should say, understand. It takes effort to work through it and put it all in context but is immensely rewarding once the pieces all start to come together. 

    Thank you for posting this. I always enjoy your insights and humor.