Book Review – Already Compromised

In Already Compromised, Ken Ham sets out to show that Christian colleges are not Christian at all. His contention is that they have been compromised by worldly views and do not hold what he believes are the right views. My Kindle tells me I made it to about 15%. That is when I couldn’t stomach this book any longer. Listen – I’ve got  no beef with the young-earthers. Heck, I used to be one. But can’t  we all get along? If you read this book, be forewarned that if you do not share Ham’s views on the opening chapters of Genesis, he barely considers you a Christian.

My opinions of the nuances of creation have changed over the years. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m probably not right, simply because when I held other views I thought I was right. Now that I’ve read a number of different positions, I’m not so sure. I’ll say this much: In the beginning God created. Ex nihilo. He did it all. There is no doubt about this. But how and when – those questions are far from settled, and to me it is nothing short of hubris to claim infallibility on the matter. Don’t get me wrong – this is a great topic to discuss, and you should be familiar with the views – but if this is a hill you’re willing to die on, I think you need to be a bit more selective.

Just a couple of illustrations of what I found difficult to read:

  • Ham’s group created a poll in order that their book could be written based on its results. This is not the way things are done. If you want to have a poll, then write a book on the results, fantastic. But you can’t write a poll to suit a preconceived premise. Bad form.
  • “I consider the view of taking a strong stand on six literal days and a young earth as the correct biblical view, and the other views are wrong.” – A constant refrain we hear Ham scolding college chaplains and professors with.
  • One of his points assumes that Christian colleges which present the alternate views of creation “probably do not take any stand in favor on creation.” Probably? Based on what?
  • Ham asserts that those who signed the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy but do not share his YEC views must be understanding inerrancy or the bible incorrectly. Wow.
  • According to Ham, belief in millions of years is a compromised, liberal, post-modern view.
  • Ham intimates that since humanism holds to millions of years that anyone who holds a millions of years view is a humanist. This is a ridiculous assertion, not to mention an error in logic.
  • “We found that only 24% of those surveyed answered every question correctly” – This is an admission that it was not a survey, but rather a test to see how aligned the colleges were with Ham. This is fine, but don’t take the next step to say you are right. These are hardly fundamental undisputed doctrines of Christianity.

When someone cooks the books to suit their needs, makes inflammatory claims, and outright ignores evidence to the contrary, that make it very difficult for me to take anything they say seriously. I think “Already Compromised” is a title best suited to the approach used in writing this book.


Question: Do you think it is beneficial to be so dogmatic on the timeline of creation?