“So I’ll cherish the old chocolate cross…”

We made a sojourn to WalMart yesterday and saw the signs of the season: chocolate-covered marshmallow crucifixes. Awesome. How long before Keebler makes electric chair cookies? Or my favorite, lethal injection lollipops. (Is letting junior suck on a syringe any worse than crunching through a krispity cross?)

My wife loves it when I get her Russell Stover, but she has never made a life-changing decision at that moment (that I’m aware of). I know early Christians used the ichthys to show their allegiance – maybe I should carry around a chocolate one to identify myself to fellow sweet-toothed believers.

I wish scientists had time travel figured out. I would send Bill and Ted back to get me a first century Roman and I would take them down the candy aisle, just to see the look on their face.

Am I just irritable, or does this bother anyone else? Let me rephrase – of course I’m irritable, but is that all that’s going on here? This is either sacrilege, harmless fun, or a phenomenal witnessing opportunity a la Testamints.

If you forget everything else, remember this:  “They’ll know that we are Christians by our chocolate.” – Whitman’s 3:16
So please, don’t get any of that Palmer’s crap. If you’re going to show your faith with candy, at least get the good stuff.

QUESTION: So what do you think? Apostasy, Mere Deliciousity, or Salvation wrapped in foil?