I Just Upgraded My Brain

Ok, complete change of subject from recent posts, but I have to share.

I have used Evernote for almost two years now. It’s a cool program, and I’ve used it for some interesting things, but it’s not until recently that I’ve really started incorporating it into my daily routine.

Check out Evernote’s brief video for some examples of suggested uses:



Here’s one real life example I used today. I searched for my son’s name, “Dylan” across my Evernote account. In less than a second, my screen showed me this:




I’ve obscured some details, but check out the results:

  • Dylan’s birth certificate (which I scanned to PDF – not typically searchable text) directly to the cloud.
  • The last couple years of tax returns on which Dylan was claimed (PDFs output by my tax software)
  • Dylan’s eyeglass prescription. This one blew me away. This was a JPG scanned from the doctor’s slip. “Dylan” is handwritten. And there it is. Crazy cool.

I tested it last year by photographing items at Sams Club with the Evernote app on my phone. Just now I tested by searching for ‘sauce’ and found Yoshida’s. (I love Yoshida’s!) It found the words in the display sign, and on the bottle. Crazy.



You can probably start to see the potential. This thing is killer. I’m planning on using this more in my study and blogging. I can scan a page in a book I’m reading, , record a voice note, snap a picture of notes on a whiteboard, copy awesome quote, clip web pages, and forward tweets and emails. Next time I’m researching a topic, everything that typically eludes my brain will pop up – even from my phone!

I don’t get anything out of this – I just think it’s cool. If you haven’t tried it, you should check it out.

EDIT 1: This post is a couple years old, but it has a bunch of great Evernote tips. Worth checking out.
EDIT 2: Another great article on Evernote
EDIT 3: Evernote’s official user guide

Question: For those of you who use Evernote regularly, what other cool uses have you found for it?