Crossing the Line

I’m hoping for a lot of discussion today, so please post your thoughts.

Everyone has a different idea what should and should not fly in Christianity. There are emergents and fundamentalists. Some meet God in nature, and some in liturgy. Some celebrate doctrine and others celebrate diversity. The ‘tolerance’ buzzword is no longer left in classrooms or politics – it’s well established in our churches.

Where is the line? When do we cry foul?

Many today object to any lines or labels whatsoever. They feel we should leave people alone on their path to God. Others seem to want to dictate everything and go back to ‘the way it used to be’. What say you?

Do we throw out a book if it has something we don’t like? If someone is labeled a heretic, are we required to stop listening to them? Who gets to choose? I’m very interested in your opinions. I want to know how you decide when a line has been crossed. Or, maybe you don’t, and that’s something you struggle with because there are so many competing opinions.

Question: How do you decide whether a person or a teaching is “Christian”?