If you have any influence in your church’s online presence, you need to check out SoChurch.

SoChurch is tough to sum up in a sentence. According to their website, “SoChurch is a full-featured church communication control center, minus the training, systems and contracts you loathe.” In my experience, it has been that and more. If your church sees any value in community or communication, you owe it to yourself to take SoChurch for a spin.

The best way to find out what SoChurch can do for you is to sign up and run it through its paces. That’s what I did, and I haven’t looked back. For in-depth details, check out their website, but this video does a great job of hitting the high points.

Rather than try and explain every aspect, I jotted down the points that came to my mind as the most compelling reasons having used it for the past few months.

  1. Fast & Easy – You don’t have time to create a flashy website for your church or organization? No problem. You can be in a small startup church with no budget to speak of and still have a top-notch web presence. And starting at $19/month, getting the green light should be a snap.
  2. You Already Have Trained Staff – If you have ever updated your status on Facebook or sent an email, you are more than qualified. SoChurch takes the most basic posts and makes them look fabulous.
  3. One Post to Rule Them All – Post once, and watch it go everywhere. SoChurch does all the work of keeping your church’s latest info sync’d up with Facebook and Twitter.
  4. An Extension of Your Community – Sure you’ve got great programs in the church building, but life happens in between church gatherings. On SoChurch, you can create any number of groups for announcements, class discussions, sermon feedback, real-time prayer networks… you name it! And the users keep it going just by interacting with each other.
  5. Amazing Customer Support – This is one of the things that put me over the top on SoChurch. If you have a question, it will be answered by someone directly involved with the program. Not offshore support – a real live user. And fast! These guys will not leave you hanging.
  6. It’s Just the Beginning – This is another aspect that is very cool. SoChurch is unstoppable. Just when you think you’ve found all its tricks, the next time you log in you’ll find that they’ve rolled out some cool new toys.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your church’s online presence…
…if you’d like more opportunities to support each other and reach the lost…
…if you think people might have more questions than 90 minutes on Sunday morning can answer…
…try SoChurch.

And – if you mention this blog (sarcasticxtian) at checkout, they’ll even knock off an additional 5%.