Nothing New Under the Sun

If you study just about any topic in history, pretty quickly you pick up on the fact that nothing is new. It has all happened before. The same holds true when talking about heresy. Most of the “new kinds of Christianity” that hit the best-seller lists these days have already been explored, debated and discarded centuries ago. People think they can re-invent Jesus their way and make him more palatable. The problem is – that’s not how the bible reads.

If you think that you can “have it your way”, you’re wrong. God calls the shots – not us. And besides, when is having it your way so great? If I wanted it my way, I’d stay at home. I go to a restaurant to have it their way!

I’ve just run across a resource that has some great review of past heresies where people tried to recreate God in their preferred image. Listen to these recordings and you’ll be able to notice current trends that are simply repackaged heresies that are over 1,000 years old. It’s called “A Survey of Heresies”, by Phil Johnson.

Another audio resource I really enjoyed that offered a lot of insight in this topic was History of Christianity I & II, taught by Frank A. James, III.  You can get them through the Gospel Coalition (pt 1 / pt 2) or through RTS on iTunes U (pt 1 / pt 2)  (If you haven’t checked out iTunes U, you should. It is very cool. Tons of free university courses you can listen to on every conceivable topic.)

If you prefer reading over listening, The Resurgence offers some great white papers on the biggest heresies for your reference.  The series is called “Know Your Heretics”, and the articles are brief enough to skim on your coffee break.