Scott’s Starred Posts

Thought I’d share some of the blog posts by others that I’ve starred while reading on my Kindle in the past week.  Maybe you’ll find something here as interesting as I thought it was.

“It’s better to stick with it or keep off it altogether.”
I’ll stick with it, thank you very much! (Interesting read, nonetheless)

Donors Must Share Your Vision
Get people connected to the cause you’re asking them to give toward. As pointed out in one of the comments, you have to encourage people to sign on to your cause so that it becomes their cause as well.

Ted Haggard’s Return
Oh boy. Rather than going off on this, I’ll let you read Chaplain Mike’s position. I think he’s right on. Preview: “I’m all for comebacks. I question whether this one is truly ready for prime time.”

Steven Furtick has some great insight on what you should and should not be doing. Your time is better spent honing your gifts than trying to conjure new ones.