Leadership – by Andy Stanley

I listened to the latest podcast by Andy Stanley yesterday, from the “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” (available here).  Andy has some super lessons for leaders and aspiring leaders, whether in the church or business world.

I wrote down a few thoughts that caught my attention.

“To be a great leader, we have to be great at everything”

Actually, it’s the opposite of that.  Andy actually said that the above statement was one of the biggest myths of leadership!  The proper understanding would be the following:

“Only do what only you can do”

“The key to being a great leader is to play to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.”

There was certainly more in yesterday’s talk.  But those were the big take-aways.  It’s not about you – you’re just the one who is responsible.  You’re not the smartest guy in the organization – you’re just the one who is in charge… for now.  Your job is to identify the people who are better than you in each area and empower them to use their talents where you fall short.

Steven Furtick blogged on almost the same topic just last week.  Read it here.